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Record / Stream Your Team

Recording and streaming Minor Hockey and other sports & events in the GTA since 2012.

Streaming and Mult-Camera Equipment

We’ve leveled up our video gear!

With the arrival of a vaccine and the COVID-19 lockdown set to ease in the coming weeks, hockey will resume in municipal arenas. Distancing restrictions will still be in place for awhile though, most notably, parents and other fans are not allowed in since a facility will have a limit on the number of people in the rink.

Our new equipment allows us to stream HD video using multiple bonded cell phone connections to YouTube or other platforms. We don’t depend on the rink for an internet connection.

Adding a video mixer allows us to add a second camera on the clock.  Do you have a commentator? We can also add a microphone for your play by play talent.




Newmarket Saints Jr. B Lacrosse. Face off at Ray Twinney Arena.


Huron Heights Girl’s Rugby. (My daughter is in there somewhere!)


YNBA Men’s Basketball Finals. I record the game with hilarious commentary provided by their “needling” cohorts. After the game we replay it at a local establishment with pops and wings. They can download the game later for prosperiety.


York Simcoe Express 2002 OMHA Minor Midget Champions Operating out of Aurora, I’ve been fortunate to record some great YSE teams over the past 8 years.


OWHA – Girl’s Global Game.  Working the cameras for Game On Stream. I have run the camera for  many streamed games and tournaments with them.

Game and Event Editing

YSE Annual Awards Ceremony (2017/2018). Having recorded 5 of 9 Express teams I was asked to put together the year end highlights. The other 4 teams sent me what they had and I integrated their video as well.

Download Quality HD Game Video

Games are recorded at full 1080p resolution
and processed HD, downloadable, web friendly format that will play on iOS, Android and desktop computers.


(travel rates outside of Aurora & Newmarket may apply)

For returning teams, coaches and players!

Need Video?


Using the contact form …

If you’re inquiring about having a game recorded, please let us know the time, date and location of your game.

We’ll get back to you ASAP with a confirmation that we can cover your game and a cost estimate.

Interested in having an event or game streamed? I can do that and bring my own mobile internet connection if needed!


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